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GayCities - Gay Social City Guides app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 3760 ratings )
Travel Lifestyle
Developer: Q.Digital, Inc.
Current version: 4.1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Feb 2009
App size: 22.33 Mb

Use the all new GayCities to find out where your friends are going and which places your friends recommend when you travel. Easily find the most popular and most interesting bars, great restaurants, shops, events (and more).

Instantly access recommended restaurants, gay bars, shops, gyms and more in over 225 cities worldwide. (and counting)

--Quickly find nearby bars, shops, restaurants, gyms and more
--See whos going – see where the crowd is going, share where you are with friends
--Find the most popular events tonight or this weekend.
--Up-to-date info. One click for phone number, web site, & directions
--See which people like the places you want to go to

Join people who have used our app on every continent. Check out our guides to gay Sydney, gay Kansas City, gay New York, gay Los Angeles, gay Las Vegas, gay San Francisco, gay Chicago, gay Miami or smaller towns like Omaha, Richmond, Memphis or Mobile. Were on every continent except Antartica. In 227 cities worldwide.

Pros and cons of GayCities - Gay Social City Guides app for iPhone and iPad

GayCities - Gay Social City Guides app good for

This is a very cool app & great idea, but many important cities like Prague or Budapest are missing. Hopefully they will be added soon!
Am a university student in a new city and this an awesome resource to have. Even people who have lived here for a couple of years are finding places they have never been to.
The app has really improved recently with many more cities, even my own. Great for keeping up to date with whats happening.
So handy and I like the membership thing! Great for travelling to pick a good place to eat or have fun!
I love the app and I am finding places in my own city to go to that I didnt think of.... Thanks :):)
Very usefull when traveling and even for your recindency city. Like it very much.

Some bad moments

225 cities worldwide, it is said. But none in France. Not useful... yet.
I have submitted many business of Campinas, know as the most gay city in Sao Paulo state. But they never update. So better take this option out. I like the appl but without updates, deserve 1star only.
This application works not at all and crashes permanently. What a pity, it was a great idea!
I find this app real slow. I have the iPhone 3g and it takes a long time for the map to show also it crashes when I try to open the app, write a review or look for an establishment please fix thx ;)
The app searches in the largest city near by, even though I added a listing in my home town.
Gps doesnt work you have to specify a city manually and then try to figure out where you are and where these places are compared to you. Bad app, i can get a simple listing of places on the net.